ECMO Program Education and Consultation

When considering your ECMO education needs we ask you to consider the benefit of having the curriculum delivered by professionals who are not only experienced clinicians but who are also experienced educators. Our ECMO Specialist and ECMO Clinician programs are delivered by faculty with over four decades of Clinical ECMO experience and 35 years of undergraduate teaching experience. As college professors, our faculty have delivered their educational message to scores of classes and have refined and polished their delivery with time. They can anticipate the typical hurdles for the learner and they specialize in explaining complicated relationships with simple and easy to grasp examples. Additionally, by providing hands-on training in your hospital and with your exact equipment and circuitry, your clinicians can reach higher levels of understanding and competency in less time compared to sending your team to remote courses.

If your hospital needs expert education to start or support your ECMO program then Extracorporeal Technology Consultants is your solution. Our ECMO professors are experienced teachers and clinicians and have been teaching ECMO students and caring for ECMO patients for decades as college professors, as Clinical Consultants, and as Hospital Administrators. If after you review our portfolio of standard classes you find that you need something a little more customized, that’s great! We really enjoy working with our clients to design and deliver the program that best fits their needs. We are confident that our ECMO professors can work with you to deliver customized educational sessions at your institution that will help you further develop your ECMO program.

Perfusion Department Review

Our consultants have significant administrative experience managing large and small perfusion teams and can help your organization prepare for a practice audit, design departmental structure and improvement programs, or develop leadership skills. If you just want a check up to confirm that your team is on track or if you or already know the area you want to address, let us help you attain your greatest successes.

Education And Medical Simulation

Our consultants have been Department Chairmen, Program Directors, and Clinical Coordinators at numerous accredited perfusion education program and Directors of Continuing Education for large national companies. Additionally, they can teach! They are formally trained educators with experience with modern teaching paradigms such as medical simulation, online learning environments and flipped classrooms. We can assist you with your educational program.